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Images: Discovering 'Taste of Zhongshan'
Updated: 2023-10-08    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The week-long Zhongshan Cuisine Culture Carnival kicked off in Xingzhong Plaza on September 29. With the main venue in the Sunwen West Road pedestrian street and sub-venues in towns and districts, it was a grand gathering with Zhongshan characteristics for local residents and tourists.


At Xingzhong Plaza and Sunwen West Road, the tasty roasted Shiqi Pigeons entice many visitors. (Photo/Wen Zhicheng)


Skilled chef prepares delicacies on the spot. (Photo/Wen Zhicheng)


When the city lights up, residents and tourists start to look for delicacies. (Photo/Xia Shengquan)


A wide range of culinary culture activities are organized across the city. The picture shows the bustling Lantern Street in Xiaolan Town on September 29, also the Mid-Autumn Festival. (Photo/Huang Yijie)


On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, numerous residents are attracted to the Sunwen West Road pedestrian street. (Photo/Yi Chengle)


Creative cultural products provided by Shenwan Town are popular.


The glittery Qijiang River bank. (Photo/Jian Jianwen)

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