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Images: Great shots of the week (Mar 4 - Mar 10)
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Great Shots of the Week is a weekly photo solicitation event held by Zhongshan Daily to collect photos from the public every week. Top 6 winners will be given prizes and electronic certificates. All residents including expats are welcome to participate and record beautiful moments in Zhongshan every week. Winners of the week (March 4 to March 10) are as follows.


Classroom in Fields (First prize): March 7, kindergarten teachers explain knowledge about planting to the kids at a radish planting base in Tanggan Village, Sanxiang Town. (By Li Wu)


Dressed up Village (Second prize): March 5, at Gangbei Village in Shaxi Town, the hundred-year-old kapok trees around an ancient ancestral hall are blooming in full splendor. (By Liu Shijue)


Intercity Railway under Construction (Second prize): March 8, welding workers are working at the project site of Nansha-Zhongshan Intercity Railway (Zhongshan Section) next to Xingzhong Avnue. (By Zhuo Jianghua)


Primed for Action (Third prize): March 6, a group of young egrets are learning to fly in the 760 Cultural and Creative Park next to the railway Zhongshan North Station. (By Zeng Xuexian)


Chinese Memory of Ballet (Third prize) March 9, the classic ballet Red Detachment of Women is staged at the Zhongshan Culture & Art Center. (By Zhou Shengmin)


Cured Meat (Third prize): March 8, the chief cook of Shuimo Farm in Sanxiang Town is preparing dishes for dinners. (By Zheng Xiaoyan)

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