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Images: Taking off from rooftop
Updated: 2024-04-02    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

Compared with jumbo airports, the smart UAV hangars of the Guangdong Cheng Jin Technology company are just micro editions. Only a space of 1 or 2 square meters on the rooftop can help realize the flying dreams.

Since August 2023, Cheng Jin Technology has set up over 70 hangars in Zhongshan, covering all towns and sub-districts. It has also actively explored a new patrol mode combining smart UAV hangers, high-altitude monitoring and low-altitude unmanned data management.

"In the future, UAVs can be utilized at closer proximity and in a more convenient manner to implement superior aerial inspection, real-time filming, air express delivery and more," said Zhu Shibing, chairman of Cheng Jin Technology.


On-site UAV takeoff test.


Technicians inspect and maintain UAVs in the hangar.


Technicians operate the UAV management platform.


The UAVs have undergone waterproof design.


UAVs equipped with jettison systems.


Commissioning of the UAV jettison system.


Commissioning of the large-payload UAV.


Real-time UAV demonstration flight. (Photo by Yu Zhaoyu)

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