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Images: Great shots of the week (Apr 29 - May 5)
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Great Shots of the Week is a weekly photo solicitation event held by Zhongshan Daily to collect photos from the public every week. Top 6 winners will be given prizes and electronic certificates. All residents including expats are welcome to participate and record beautiful moments in Zhongshan every week. Winners of the week (April 29 to May 5) are as follows.


Yingge Dance in the Rain: May 1, a folk culture parade in Gangkou Town climaxes with a closing performance of Chaoshan Yingge Dance. (By Guo Jiajun)


Full of Tourists: May 2, tourists visit Zhongshan Talent Park. On the observation platform, a tourist holds an umbrella beside the stairs to give way to others. (By Lao Zhaohui)


Enchanting Music Lovers: May 3, musicians deliver a spectacular performance in Qijiang Park in West District, winning applause from the audience. (By Cheng Liang)


Batting: April 30, the 9th School Baseball League holds its final at Zhongshan Dongsheng Senior High School. The picture shows a player swinging at a ball. (By Wu Zhifeng)


Battle in Shaxi: May 5, Shaxi, the champion of the 2023 national village basketball league, and Dalang, the runner-up, once again meet at the final of the 2024 Zhongshan "North vs South" Basketball Invitational Tournament at Shaxi Gymnasium. (By Liu Minghai)


Cleaning Up the River: May 3, sanitation workers in Fusha Town are cleaning up the garbage in a river. (By Zhuo Jianghua)

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