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Images: 'Lunar April 8' Parade in Shaxi
Updated: 2024-05-17    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

On May 15, the eighth day of the fourth lunar month, the 2024 Zhongshan Shaxi Intangible Cultural Heritage Tourism and Culture Week and the Lunar April 8 Folk Art Parade kicked off as scheduled, presenting a unique feast of intangible cultural heritage for residents and tourists.


The Lunar April 8 Folk Art Parade attracts many residents and tourists, greatly boosting the popularity of Shengshi Village.


The children at Shengshi Kindergarten reach out their hands to touch the "dragon" head.


A child holding a tray is bringing water to the participants of the parade.


The "champion cattle" marking Shaxi the winner of the national village basketball league also joins the parade.


A child participates in the parade with a little "lion" on his head.


The parade team marches through streets and alleys of Shengshi Village.


Visitors are enjoying the intangible cultural heritage and creative products exhibition. (Photo by Miao Xiaojian)

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