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Images: Awe-inspiring Piaose parade
Updated: 2024-06-13    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

On June 11, the sixth day of the fifth lunar month, the Yakou Piaose Parade, a national intangible cultural heritage item, was held in Nanlang, Zhongshan. With up to 30,000 participants, the awe-inspiring event lasted for 3 hours and covered a distance of 3 kilometers, showcasing the unique charm of Yakou Piaose.


▲On the morning of June 11, the 2024 Nanlang Yakou Piaose Parade is held as scheduled.


▲Kindergarten teachers and kids enjoy the Piaose parade at the roadside.


▲Tourists "say hi" to the cameras.


▲The parade moves forward along the rice fields.


▲Amid the sound of firecrackers and gongs and drums, the Piaose parade winds its way through the lanes and footpaths between fields in Yakou Village.


▲A cute kid takes part in the parade in traditional costume.


▲A villager is getting ready to set off firecrackers.


▲The colorful and exquisite Piaose parade.


▲More than 30,000 tourists and residents from the Greater Bay Area, Europe and other places witness this cultural spectacle.

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