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Images: 'Giant harp' above sea playing melody of GBA
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The Zhongshan Bridge is a key project of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Link, or ShenZhong Link.

It is a 1,170-meter double tower cable-stayed bridge with a main span of 580 meters. It has two main towers in the east and west respectively, which are as tall as a 70-storey building, and the west tower is situated in Ma'an Island, Cuiheng New District, Zhongshan.

From the sea, the Zhongshan Bridge stands like a "giant harp" towering over the sea, playing the "melody of the Greater Bay Area" in the wind.


January 26, 2019, an aerial photo of the under-construction Zhongshan Bridge of the ShenZhong Link. (Photo by Huang Chunhua)


September 1, 2020, the first casting of the Zhongshan Bridge's bottom tie beam is completed. (Photo by Cao Yang)


August 8, 2021, the west tower of the Zhongshan Bridge is topped out. Behind it is the east tower that is under-construction. (Photo by Cao Yang)


November 23, 2021, the first box girder of the Zhongshan Bridge is erected. (Photo by Cao Yang)


January 5, 2022, the first stay cable of the Zhongshan Bridge is erected. (Photo by Cao Yang)


June 28, 2022, the Zhongshan Bridge joins up. (Photo by Miao Xiaojian)


March 12, 2023, the steel deck pavement of the Zhongshan Bridge is completed. (Photo by Shen Zhong)


April 13, 2024, Guangdong Communications Group announces the start of loading test for the ShenZhong Link. The photo shows loading test is underway on the Zhongshan Bridge. (Photo by Shen Zhong)


June 10, 2024, from a distance, the Zhongshan Bridge stands like a "giant harp" above the sea. Not far away, buildings in Shenzhen are clearly visible. (Photo by Miao Xiaojian)

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