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An Introduction to Zhongshan
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Zhongshan, a beautiful city named after the great man, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, has not only the natural beauty of the mountains and the sea, but also the historic and brilliant Xiangshan culture. The vicissitudes of the sea under Wugui Mountain, lights of ten-thousand homes on both sides of the Qijiang River, the festive life of dragon dance and lion dance, and the long love of Saltwater Songs are the most beautiful humanistic sceneries in Zhongshan. The beautiful scenery along the Lingdingyang Sea, the inclusive atmosphere of blending the East and the West, and the pioneering spirit of daring to be the first are the most unique features of Zhongshan.

In Zhongshan, you can meet the ups and downs of modern China's history, the vibrant bridgehead of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area ("the Greater Bay Area"), the pace of the times that resonates with the world, the soothing and slow daily life, and the fancy cuisine that blends the East with the West and the North with the South. Zhongshan, with its heaviness and precipitation, vitality and vigor, is writing a new chapter to tell more stories of itself.

Home to Various Celebrities

Zhongshan witnessed the moment when China entered the world in modern times. At the time of the country's turnaround and the nation's survival, there were even more talented people here. As the poem says: "Each age brings forth new genius on this noble land, and each will rule its own domain for years to come." A large number of talented people have shone on the modern stage and contributed to the process of China's modernization, such as Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the great pioneer of the democratic revolution, Zheng Guanying, the reformist thinker, Yang Yin, the leader of the early Communist Party of China (CPC), Yang Xianyi, the father of the Revolutionary Air Force of China, Lyu Wencheng, the patriarch of the Guangdong music, Ma Yingbiao and Guo Le, the pioneers of modern Chinese department stores.

Brilliant Cultural Achievements

Culture is the soul of a city. Zhongshan has a long history of excellent traditional culture and a vibrant advanced socialist culture. 

As the peom say, "The great civilization has been passed on for tens of hundreds of years." Zhongshan faces the sea with the mountains for a background. Its forefathers cultivated splendid cultural achievements here. The rich folk culture has accomplished a large number of cultural symbols in Zhongshan, forming a folk culture represented by Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Fair, Drunken Dragon Dance, Saltwater Songs, etc. The ancestors have also left behind ancient buildings such as ancestral halls and temples, as well as ancient villages.

Dare to Be the First

Zhongshan's geographic location is extraordinary. It is connected to Guangzhou and Foshan in the north, facing Shenzhen and Hong Kong across the sea in the east, neighboring Jiangmen and Zhuhai, and is an important city in the Greater Bay Area. Zhongshan accounts for 3 of the 8 estuaries of the Pearl River system, and the rich water network has created a developed water transportation.

With the construction of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge, the access of Zhongshan Railway to the national high-speed rail transportation network, and the upgrading of the port, the land and water transportation network will be connected to the inside and outside of the city, reaching all directions. Under the influence of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's idea of "dare to be the first in the world", Zhongshan people have been striving to be the first and the trendsetter of the times. Over the past hundred years, this land has given birth to many "firsts" of the country and the province. At the new historical starting point, Zhongshan is planning a new blueprint with a world vision and international standards to write a colorful chapter for the the Greater Bay Area.

Chinese Speed and Industry

Zhongshan is a city with a desirable slow pace of life, but it has given birth to many "Chinese speed". The athlete Su Bingtian from Zhongshan lets the world marvel at China's speed so that we feel more of the charm of the great man Sun Yat-sen's hometown. 

Industry is the main engine of Zhongshan. Zhongshan has built three industrial clusters with more than one hundred billion output value, namely the equipment manufacturing industrial cluster, the electronic information industrial cluster and the household electrical appliances industrial cluster. It has 18 provincial-level specialized industrial townships with distinctive industrial characteristics, such as Guzhen Lighting, Xiaolan Hardware, Dachong Rosewood Furniture, Gangkou Game & Amusement Equipment, etc. Zhongshan has 38 national industrial bases and more than 500 famous brands at or above the provincial level, which is one of the cities with the most complete industrial chains in the Greater Bay Area. 

These featured industries have nurtured Zhongshan's famous industrial culture and accomplished one city culture card after another. 

A Beautiful and Livable City 

Zhongshan, where the scenery is different in the four seasons, is a city of comfort that you do not want to leave. The long Qijiang River passes through the city, and the trees and flowers on both sides of the river are in full bloom. The beautiful scenery of Wugui Mountain, including the peaks and mountains, forests, fields, wetlands, is the natural background of Zhongshan. There are also cultural attractions such as curved lanes, grey brick walls, old overseas Chinese houses, riding streets, barred doors, Lingnan colored windows, etc. Trade and commerce flourish, celebrities come forth one after another, and human activities of the past thousand years are the best pictures of Zhongshan.

With peaceful and good governance, Zhongshan is a happy and livable city. It has been awarded the United Nations Habitat Award and won titles such as National Civilized City, National Sanitary City, National Garden City, Livable City, Tourism Destination, Gourmet Town, Entrepreneurial Capital, Shopping Paradise, etc. The happiness index of Zhongshan people has soared all the way up. No matter where you come from, you can be happily settled in Zhongshan and find a spiritual territory of poetic dwelling. If you are also interested, you may wish to join us to enjoy the beautiful Zhongshan.

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