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Zhongshan calls for special fintech projects
Updated: 2021-06-17    Source: Large Medium Small Print

Zhongshan officially announced the launch of a collection of special fintech (financing subsidy for science and technology projects) subsidies from June 11 to July 30.

The subsidy is targeted at the projects encouraging enterprises to make technological breakthroughs, transformations, or industrialization through bank loans and other financing methods, aiming to provide proportional financing subsidies for scientific and technological projects with a maximum subsidy of 5 million yuan for a single project.

Projects proposed by enterprises must satisfy the following conditions: enterprises in the Zhongshan science and technology credit risk reserve pool; and enterprises carrying out science and technology projects in 2021 and planning to raise funds through bank loans. The loans obtained must be mainly used for technical research, transformation or industrialization. Moreover, the number of projects awarded a subsidy by each company shall not exceed one.

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