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5 manufacturing enterprises in ZS receive national honors
Updated: 2022-12-05    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province recently announced through a notice to grant lump sum subsidies to the 7th batch of single-champion demonstration manufacturing enterprises (including enterprises with champion products) newly recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

A total of 27 enterprises (excluding those from Shenzhen) were on the list, including five from Zhongshan. Among them, Galanz was selected as a demonstration enterprise for its key product microwave oven; and products of the other four were selected as "champion products", including HD 20X zoom lens of Union Optech, low-power plastic capsulated DC motors for air-conditioning fans of Broad-Ocean Motor, electric fans of Midea, and LED lighting products of MLS.

Each selected enterprise from the Pearl River Delta will receive a lump sum subsidy of 1.2 million yuan. The subsidies will be used for corporate innovation and R&D, technological achievement industrialization and application, digital, network, intelligent and green transformation, IPO and financing, and other purposes.

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