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ZS-based business woman among Forbes China lists
Updated: 2023-03-13    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


▲Dr. Michelle Xia

Recently, Forbes China has rolled out the 100 power business women in China list for 2023, with a number of outstanding business women, including Wang Laichun, Dong Mingzhu, Zhao Ning and Cathy Meng making the list. Dr. Michelle Xia, founder, chairwoman, president and CEO of Zhongshan-based company Akeso ranked 46th on the list.

Dr. Xia is an expert at antibody drug research and development. In 2012, she co-founded Akeso, which has created a unique integrated R&D innovation system with the comprehensive end-to-end drug development platform and bi-specific antibody drug development technology as the core, a GMP-compliant manufacturing system and a commercialization system with an advanced operation mode.



Akeso has successfully developed over 30 innovative drug candidates for cancers, autoimmune diseases, inflammations, metabolic diseases and other major diseases, of which 19 have entered the clinical stage.

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