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14 green factories built up in Zhongshan
Updated: 2023-04-17    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

To date, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has released 7 green manufacturing lists, and Zhongshan has built up 14 "green factories", 66 "green design products" and 6 "green supply chain management enterprises".

According to the latest list, Wistron Zhongshan and Matiz were listed among "2022 Green Factories"; 9 household detergent products of Lanju and 5 fabric products of Well Dyeing Factory were selected as "Green Design Products".


Wistron Zhongshan's factory workshop.

Thanks to digital and intelligent transformation, a growing number of enterprises in Zhongshan have realized "green manufacturing". Among these enterprises, Wistron Zhongshan was awarded as "Lighthouse Factory" early this year. Through the "lights-out stereo warehouse", the "intelligent production scheduling system" and "digital technology changes", the company has managed to save energy, improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption per unit.

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