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2 provincial standardization pilot projects in ZS approved
Updated: 2023-07-25    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The Guangdong Administration for Market Regulation has recently announced the provincial standardization pilot project list for 2023 through a notice. Zhongshan-based company Midea's manufacturing standardization pilot project, and the Social Welfare Institute of Zhongshan's social administration and public services standardization pilot project, were approved.

Midea's "Green recyclable air purification materials for home appliances in Guangdong" project, with a focus on green recyclable air purification materials research and application, aims to build a standard system platform, develop and set key pilot standards, establish and improve the standard system, and promote new technologies and achievements to help achieve technological progress in the air purification field.

The Social Welfare Institute of Zhongshan's "Centralized support services for persons in extreme poverty in Guangdong" project, aims to build a standard system, deepen institutional standardization, standardize the contents, processes and methods of support services and improve service quality to promote the standardized development of centralized support for persons in extreme poverty in Zhongshan and neighboring cities.

To date, Zhongshan has launched 13 national and 25 provincial pilot and demonstration projects of standardization.

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