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24th China (Guzhen) Int'l Lighting Fair closes
Updated: 2019-10-29    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


The 5-day 24th China (Guzhen) International Light Fair concluded on October 26. According to its organizer, the number of visitors at this fair reached a new high. 

By 14:00 on October 26, the main venue and 7 sub-venues had received about 310,000 visitors from 118 countries and regions. There were 90,555 professional visitors, 84,796 domestic professional visitors and 5,759 overseas buyers.

The main venue covered the entire lighting industry chain, including decorative lighting, smart lighting, home lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, special lighting fixture, machinery, raw materials, accessories, components, services and other fields. A total of 819 companies from all over the country participated in the exhibition.

More than 20 high-end forums, sales promotion activities, matchmaking sessions and new product launch events were organized during the fair. Many brand-name smart companies have joint hands with Alibaba Cloud, Tmall Genie, Xiaomi IOT, JD Cloud, Huawei and other large platforms to get into the field of smart ecology.

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