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Global buyers grab orders in lighting capital
Updated: 2023-03-13    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

On March 3, fifteen days away from the 28th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (GILF), Ahmad from the UAE was ready to return with fruitful results on board a plane.

It took Ahmad only half a day to place the first order worth 200,000 yuan after observing the production process of a lighting enterprise and negotiating at a flagship store.

Actually, Ahmad is not the first buyer this year to grab orders from KC Lighting, a company in Zhongshan's Guzhen Town. Since mid-February, the company, which focuses on providing lighting solutions for luxury hotels, has received about 10 groups of overseas buyers. "Overseas buyers are mainly from countries like India, Malaysia, Singapore, the UAE and Spain," said Xie Jingyi, general manager assistant of KC Lighting.

Up to 860 enterprises have signed up for the coming GILF and the total number of real-name pre-registrants has exceeded 45,000. More than 1,300 people from 110 countries and regions have completed pre-registration, up 114.68% year on year.

The event will bring together specific overseas buyers as well as commercial officers from the consulates of over 10 countries and regions in Guangzhou, and deliver more than 100 professional business activities so as to introduce the Guzhen Lighting brand to the world.

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