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Another biomedical project in NHTP begins construction
Updated: 2023-05-24    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

Frontier Gate Biotech's cell therapy product R&D and production base started construction in the Smart Health Town in the National Health Technology Park last Friday. This is yet another biomedical project within the SHT following Junjo Pharmaceuticals' biological virus vector CDMO platform expansion project earlier this year.

Frontier Gate Biotech was founded in August 2020 by Dr. Xu Yang, an international leader in cancer research and regenerative medicine, and settled in the NHTP in September 2022.

As China's first national health industry park, as well as the only of its kind in the Greater Bay Area, the NHTP focuses on cell and gene therapy which has an output value of 10 billion yuan. It spares no efforts to pool technologies, talents, funds, policies, and other elements of industrial development as well as to cultivate or introduce quality projects.

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