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Guangdong Banfu Economic Development Zone unveiled
Updated: 2024-02-28    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


The unveiling ceremony press conference for the Guangdong Banfu Economic Development Zone was held on February 26.

The press conference mainly introduced the basic situation, development plan and preferential policies for enterprises of the Guangdong Banfu Economic Development Zone, aiming to invite investment from the whole society. 

For qualified land-use projects, subsidies will be given for three consecutive years according to their performances after they go into operation, with a maximum amount of 100 million yuan.

In terms of investment and financing, enterprises that go public on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Beijing Stock Exchange will be granted a maximum subsidy of 7.5 million yuan. For enterprises in the zone doing IPOs, a maximum subsidy of 5 million will be provided.

In terms of incentives for enterprise investment, a one-time bonus of up to 5 million yuan will be provided for digital intelligent demonstration factories, and 2 million yuan for projects building digital intelligent demonstration workshops.

The Guangdong Banfu Economic Development Zone is a 10,000-mu park area within the Zhongshan Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industrial Park. As of now, Phase 1, covering more than 6,100 mu, has completed the infrastructure and has introduced 33 enterprises, including 10 projects invested by listed companies, 7 by well-known foreign investors, and 11 "little giant" and SRDI projects. The total investment of this projects exceeds 15 billion yuan, and their expected output value is over 30 billion yuan.

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