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Manufacturing projects worth 56 bln yuan start construction
Updated: 2024-02-29    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


Zhongshan on February 27 held groundbreaking ceremonies for manufacturing projects for the first quarter of 2024. A total of 69 projects, with a combined investment of 56.44 billion yuan, commenced construction.

The main ceremony was set up at the construction site of Pearl River Bridge's new condiments production project in Shenwan Town.

The new factory is included in Pearl River Bridge's phase one medium-Term Development plan, with a total investment of 710 million yuan, a planned construction area of 67,056 square meters, and an estimated tax revenue of 51.48 million yuan. Nearly 200 million yuan will be invested in constructing intelligent workshops and warehouses with AI devices and logistics and processing robots.

Sub-ceremonies took place in 9 towns and districts. In Torch Development Zone, 12 major projects, mainly are in the advanced manufacturing industry including Yaham's optoelectronic new-type display headquarters, Zhongsheng's new energy motor and electrical steel manufacturing project and Best's intelligent manufacturing headquarters, started construction at the same time.

Meanwhile in Cuiheng New District, 12 key projects commenced, covering such sectors as biomedicine, mobile lighting, green building construction and next-gen information technology. The total investment amounted to 5.794 billion yuan. It is projected that upon reaching full capacity, the combined additional annual output value will surpass 6 billion yuan, and the additional annual tax revenue will exceed 360 million yuan.

It is reported that Zhongshan has prepared for 380 key projects in 2024, with a total investment of 532 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 70 billion yuan.

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