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'We have confidence in investing in our hometown'
Updated: 2024-03-15    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


The New Overseas Chinese Service Center of Zhongshan recently received a silk banner from Mr Fang, a Chinese-American, in gratitude to the mediation committee for helping him mediate a lease dispute.

In September last year, the Zhongshan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese established Guangdong's first municipal-level mediation committee for returned overseas at the center. Subsequently, the committee received a call for help from Mr Fang.

It turns out that Mr Fang, who went abroad to make a living in his early years, started investing in his hometown eight years ago. However, he got involved in a lease dispute as he was not familiar with the local policies and laws and business environment.

After he failed to get assistance from other parties, Mr Fang came to the mediation committee for help.

The mediation committee immediately contacted the parties involved and sources close to the dispute for information, and organized a face-to-face mediation session at the center with mediators, the parties involved and lawyers.

Finally, Mr Fang reached an agreement with the tenants and took back the house, and the dispute was resolved.

"I sincerely appreciate the mediation committee for its professional services. This brings more confidence for overseas Chinese to invest in our hometown in the future!" Mr Fang said.

Currently, the mediation committee has over 20 mediators, including lawyers from the overseas Chinese community, retired judges, psychological consultants and professional doctors.

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