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Clean energy industrial base in Nanlang starts construction
Updated: 2024-03-21    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


The first phase of the Huazhao Clean Energy Industrial Park, located in Huazhao Village, Cuiheng New District (Nanlang Sub-district), started construction on March 18, injecting green vitality into rural revitalization.

The project is in the Hengmen industrial zone, with a building area of approximately 156,000 square meters. Facilities include production plants, talent apartments, office buildings and etc.

Upon completion, the park is expected to generate an annual output value of exceeding 800 million yuan and tax revenues over 80 million yuan. It will help Huazhao Village increase the collective income to 3.5 million yuan per year from the previous 300,000 yuan.

The Huazhao clean energy base focuses on hydrogen, wind and other new energy industries. Several industry-leading enterprises have plans to settle in the park.

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