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Commercial complex in Cuiheng New District inviting investment
Updated: 2024-06-03    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


Cuiheng Group has launched the investment attraction campaign for Tsuihang International Technology Innovation Center's hotel project and Cuiheng Building's commercial center. The commercial complex, with a construction area of over 30,000 square meters, is now inviting investment mainly from cities on the eastern side of the ShenZhong Link.

With a total construction area of 13,000 square meters, the hotel project is located in Tsuihang International Technology Innovation Center. It is a hub of sci-tech innovation in Cuiheng New District.

Tsuihang International Technology Innovation Center has unveiled the Zhongshan Software Park (Cuiheng New District) and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Zhongshan service base, and has been home to Cuiheng New District's administrative service hall, Zhongshan International Talent Hub, and a number of enterprises in information service, sci-tech finance and cross-border e-commerce. The center is well-equipped with such facilities as fitness rooms, swimming pools, conference rooms, roadshow halls, bus stations, as well as over 900 apartments for talent and more than 2,000 parking spots.

The Cuiheng Building commercial center also started to invite investment for a total area of 18,000 square meters.

The commercial center is adjacent to Xiangshan Station of the Nansha-Zhongshan Intercity Railway, the Administrative Committee of Cuiheng New District and the Cuihu Lake Park. With a total construction area of 130,000 square meters, it is a high-end business platform for offices,  starred hotels, apartments and business and recreation facilities.

Currently, commercial center is equipped with more than 280 high-end apartments and over 700 parking spots, and over 70% of the offices are leased. It is now home to many central enterprises and regional headquarters of state-owned enterprises, as well as to well-known brands including Hampton by Hilton, KFC, China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China.

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