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Sanitary ware enterprise 'settles down' in Huangpu Town
Updated: 2024-06-11    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

O-Better Sanitary Ware began construction on its smart production base in the Maxin Industrial Park, Huangpu Town on June 5.

The project covers an area of 18.6 mu (1.24 hectares), with a total investment of 200 million yuan from Zhongshan-based company O-Better Sanitary Ware.


Founded in 2013, O-Better primarily focuses on the research and development, production and marketing of shower rooms, glass doors, metal products and more. It possesses 54 patented techniques with independent intellectual property rights.

The new base will also serve as the company's headquarters, with such facilities as office buildings, production workshops, automated warehouses, research center, and product exhibition halls. The project with a building area of approximately 31,000 square meters is scheduled to be completed and put into use next year, contributing an annual output value of about 400 million yuan and an annual tax revenue exceeding 30 million yuan.

Since 2022, Huangpu Town has prepared over 2,300 mu (153.3 hectares) of land for industrial use, and helped over 200 enterprises relocate, including more than 10 above designated size.

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