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ZS formulates group standards for 'Xiangshan Products'
Updated: 2023-11-20    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


The chefs prepare ready-made Shiqi Pigeons. (File photo/Yu Zhaoyu)

After more than a year, the Shenzhong Standard Quality Research Center of Zhongshan, along with dozens of organizations in food (agricultural product) production, business, catering, scientific research and testing, completed the formulation of 500 group standards for "Xiangshan Products". The standards have taken effect on October 31.

"We are actively promoting the standards for 'Xiangshan Products' and plans to launch the 'Xiangshan Products' logo next year. Currently, we are in the process of formulating rules of application and conducting training," said Ye Junwen, executive deputy director and senior engineer of standardization at the Shenzhong Standard Quality Research Center of Zhongshan.

In the Kuchong Market in East District, agricultural and sideline products from different towns and districts of Zhongshan, including Shenwan Tylorrhynchus, Zhongshan Crisp Grass Carp, Shiqi Pigeon, Hengmen Crabs and Sanjiao Snakehead Fish, are neatly displayed. These products have been included in the "Xiangshan Products" list.

"Now, we can buy various fresh specialty ingredients across Zhongshan, also 'Xiangshan Products', in all Xiangshan New Markets in downtown Zhongshan. This allows us to experience fresh local cuisine in different seasons," said Ye Junwen.

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