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Ready-made Shiqi Pigeon dishes 'fly to Hong Kong'
Updated: 2023-11-23    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

A total of 200 cooked pigeons were recently delivered to Hong Kong after they had been released by the Zhongshan Customs, marking the start of the supply of ready-made Shiqi Pigeons to Hong Kong.

"Thanks to the Zhongshan Customs for assisting us in resolving issues related to raw material control, quality management and customs clearance. This support ensured the smooth export of Shiqi Pigeons", said Huang Yanyan, deputy general manager of Zhongshan Foodstuffs Imp & Exp Co Ltd of Guangdong.

Shiqi Pigeon, as a specialty dish in Zhongshan, is known for its delicious taste, as well as its tender and flavorful texture. It is one of the unique culinary symbols of Zhongshan's longstanding food culture. With the advancement of food industry technology and the development of supporting facilities such as cold chain logistics, prepared Shiqi Pigeon dishes can now fly to the dining tables in Hong Kong and Macao as well as in overseas Chinese communities.

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