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Students from 55 countries visit ZS for a taste of traditional flavor
Updated: 2024-05-07    Source: Zhongshan Huoju Fabu Large Medium Small Print


A total of 180 students and teachers of Fairview International School in Malaysia, from 55 countries, recently embarked on a unique study tour of fine traditional Chinese culture at the Juxiangyuan Museum of Cake Culture in Zhongshan.

Through old photos and objects, students learned about century-old enterprise Juxiangyuan's history of development, preservation and innovation of cake culture, and the development and changes of a city.

During the DIY session, students experienced the making of almond cakes, as well as the unique charm of traditional almond cake culture and the century-old intangible cultural heritage techniques.


"This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia. This activity serves as a cultural research tour and a cultural exchange meeting. This place (the museum) boasts a pervasive cultural atmosphere and holds great significance in the bigger picture of China's incredibly rich traditional culture," said Deevesh, an Indian student of Fairview International School.

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