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'Four Seasons', classic Oscar music reappear in Zhongshan
Updated: 2019-05-29    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


The "Four Seasons" & Oscar Film Music Concert performed by I MUSICI, an Italian treasure-class chamber orchestra, was staged in the Zhongshan Culture & Art Center on May 24.

In the first half of the concert, I MUSICI paid tribute to contemporary film soundtrack masters through carefully selected trilogies, including "The Grand Concerto" by Louis Bacalov, a film musician who won the award for Il Postino in 1996, and "The String Concerto" by Nino Rotta who won the Oscar Award for "The Godfather" in 1975.

I MUSICI also brought familiar classic film soundtracks such as "La Vita è bella", "Star Wars", "The Godfather", and "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

The second half of the concert featured a live reappearance of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons", the legendary work in classical music history.

I MUSICI, founded in 1951, is the oldest active chamber orchestra today. Presently, I MUSICI has a total of 10 members .

Three musicians of I MUSICI, demystified the ever-lasting secret of the world-class chamber music and expressed their affection for Oscar-winning film music before the concert.

"Despite the renewal and iteration, time has tempered the whole band to make it look like a family, and the friendship lasts for generations," said the violinist Antonio Anselmi, who joined I MUSICI in 1977.

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