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Valiant look of young athletes
Updated: 2019-05-30    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

Since March 2018, the 8th Games of Zhongshan has been lasting from the warm and comfortable springtime to the hot summer.

Looking back to the arena, we have not only witnessed the birth of the first weightlifting gold, but also appreciated the elegance of athletes of martial arts, fencing, judo, wrestling and others.

In the arena, the young athletes compete for top honors. Off the venue, they embraced "friendship first, competition second".

As of May 28, a total of 12 events for township students including weightlifting, judo, soccer, wrestling, fencing, Wushu (martial arts) routine, Taekwondo, Sanda (free combat), cycling, badminton, track and field and basketball (primary school group) have been held, with over 5,000 athletes from different towns, districts and some secondary schools across the city interpreting the Olympic spirit of "Higher, Faster, Stronger" at the City Games.


Chinese Sanda (free combat). [Photo by Zhou Hongtao]


Women's softball. [Photo by Yu Zhaoyu]


Wrestling. [Photo by Hong Xipeng]


Wushu (martial arts) routine competition.[ Photo by Zhou Hongtao]


Badminton match. [Photo by Zhou Hongtao]


Men's high jump. [Photo by Yu Zhaoyu] 


Men's long jump.[Photo by Yu Zhaoyu]


"YBDL Cup" township student basketball match. [Photo by Yu Zhaoyu]


Cycling race. [Photo by Jian Jianwen]

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