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Images: Picturesque conception on needle tip
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In early autumn, the golden sunlight streams down through the glass dome in Zhongshan Polytechnic's library. However, more eye-catching are the gorgeous colors in the Qing's Embroidery Studio in the campus. The colorful, well-arranged silk threads constitute one after another lifelike, picturesque embroideries with teacher Zhou Xueqing's skills.

Her embroidery studio not only displays various representative embroidery works, but also provides a place for 50 students to practice their skills. Zhou Xueqing usually stays the studio to instruct the students and makes new creations.

Born in a Suzhou embroidery family, Zhou Xueqing with her husband came to Zhongshan in the mid-1990s, where she devotes herself to embroidery and establishes her own studio.

In 2009, Zhou Xueqing was hired by Zhongshan Polytechnic to teach embroidery course for Fashion Design students. She unreservedly imparts over 60 embroidery skills she mastered to every student.

From 2007 to 2016, Zhou Xueqing swept China's embroidery awards, with over 20 of her works collected by the Great Hall of the People, All-China Women's Federation, and some individual collectors.


Embroidery-themed brand clothing series. [Photos by Sun Junjun]


Zhou Xueqing teaches embroidery culture to students from Hong Kong in class.


A hand-made embroidery always requires a great deal of time and thought.


Zhou Xueqing was born in a Suzhou embroidery family. The embroidered folding screen was created by her mother more than 30 years ago.


Presenting the light and shade of a photo with the needle and thread.


An exquisite and vivid embroidery.


A corner of the embroidery studio in Zhongshan Polytechnic.

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