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China's largest indoor mosaic fresco completed
Updated: 2019-09-20    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


China's largest indoor mosaic fresco, the Xiangshan Constellation, is fully installed in the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Library. [Photo/Zhongshan Daily]

The 42.6-meter-high, 4.4-meter-wide fresco, covering a total area of 187.44 square meters, is displayed between the atrium escalators and runs through the underground floor to the seventh floor of the library. Readers can get a closer look by taking the escalator.

This artwork was designed by Tang Hui, a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. The mosaic required almost three years of labor from design to production. The fresco required the talent of more than 60 experienced and skilled workers utilizing nearly 2 million mosaic tiles.

The fresco, with lush banyan trees and red kapok, images 26 wise men from Xiangshan, such as Lu Haodong, Zheng Guanying, Yang Yin, Wang Yunwu, Lyu Wencheng, Fang Rending, Xiao Youmei, Fang Cheng and Gu Yuan, with "hometown", "nation", and "world" as the main narrative line to tell about the great causes undertaken by the great men in Zhongshan.

It is reported that "Xiangshan Constellation" is on the newly published reappraisal list of the fresco section of the 13th National Exhibition of Fine Arts.

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