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Exhibitions you don't want to miss in Zhongshan
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Rather than staying at home away from the summer heat, let's find a cool place for an inspirational journey!

Direction · Depth - Zhongshan Watercolor Painting Invitational Exhibition


Among the 52 exhibits are masterpieces by renowned artists and exploratory works by young artists, which present the practice and pursuit of Zhongshan's watercolor creators.


Clouds on the Plateau I (41X1500px Watercolor) by Zhao Ming

Time: July 1 - July 27

Venue: Exhibition Hall, 2F, Zhongshan Cultural Center

Forms and Colors - Chen Fangyuan Works Exhibition


The exhibition features 68 outstanding works created by Prof. Chen Fangyuan from 1989 to 2019, showing the development and artistic style of his creations.


Big City (100x2000px)

Time: July 1 - July 10

Venue: Zhongshan Museum of Art

Dancing Cranes - Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition of Lu Xiaobo, Zhang Zikang and Xie Xiaoquan


Prof. Lu Xiaobo shows the elegance and vivid life of cranes through freehand brushwork; Prof. Zhang Zikang outlines a mysterious world of art with oil and ink paintings; Mr. Xie Xiaoquan interprets the profoundness of Chinese culture with his superb calligraphy skills.


Light of the Iceberg (Ink Wash 69x3450px 2023) by Lu Xiaobo

Time: July 2 - July 23

Venue: Wuguishan Exhibition Hall, Zhongshan Museum

The Visibility of Xijiang River Photography Exhibition


The exhibition features photos of the people, culture, lifestyles and landscape of the Xijiang River basin.

Time: Until July 30

Venue: Rending Exhibition Hall, Zhongshan Culture & Art Center

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