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2023 Overseas Chinese (Zhongshan) Essay Competition kicks off
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The 2023 Overseas Chinese (Zhongshan) Essay Competition kicked off in Guhe Village, Sanxiang Town on July 7, calling for writings from around the world.

Over the past decade, the contest has received strong support from nearly 100 overseas Chinese groups, associations and schools, collected over 10,000 writings from nearly 10,000 contributors in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. The contest has built a platform for cultural exchange for Chinese people at home and abroad, and become a cultural brand of Zhongshan's overseas Chinese community.

This year's contest is divided into two groups, student essay writing and ancient poem and couplets writing, which target primary and secondary school students and literature lovers respectively.

For the student essay writing group, there will be three divisions. From July 7 to September 27, contributions will be collected through the "中山侨联" WeChat account. (Menu bar "云上家书", then "征文比赛投稿系统入口" to submit).

This year's contest also features a summer camp, which allows children to learn more about the overseas Chinese village culture, rural revitalization, urban development, and Xiangshan arts.

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