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Eco-bazaar takes place in Qixi Village
Updated: 2023-07-18    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


A spectacular eco-bazaar took place at Qixi Eco Farm in Wuguishan District from July 15 to 16. It featured natural fruits and vegetables, handmade delicacies, cultural creative products made of recycled materials and handicraft workshops.

Supported by eco-conscious villagers, the bazaar set up 30 stalls and mainly offered natural food, deep-processed crop products, handmade products and cultural creative products, according to the organizer.

Four sharing sessions on embroidery, blue dyeing, Chinese painting and I Ching were delivered at the event.

At nightfall, villagers and tourists enjoyed themselves with singing and dancing and joined the "Farm Wonder Night" activity to discover the secret of the farm together.

Outside the farm, villagers set up stalls along the Shaye River to sell a variety of delicacies, drinks and toys, taking on a lively atmosphere.

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