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Upcoming shows in Zhongshan in July
Updated: 2024-07-05    Source: HiZhongshan Large Medium Small Print


Art Salon on Tuesday: Zither - Yang Xi's Solo and Ensemble Concert

Time: 20:00, July 9

Venue: Small Theater, Zhongshan Culture & Art Center

Ticket price: 100 yuan


Living Cartoon Duet

Time: 15:00/20:00, July 13 (Saturday)

Venue: Small Theater, Zhongshan Culture & Art Center

By Camille Phelep and Sophie Lavallee

Ticket prices: 80-150 yuan

Recommended age: Six years old and above


Ballet A Sigh of Love by Shanghai Ballet

Time: 20:00, July 16

Venue: Grand Theater, Zhongshan Culture & Art Center

Ticket prices: 80-480 yuan


Childhood Impressions - A Benjamin Beck Viola Concert

Time: 20:00, July 20 (Saturday)

Venue: Small Theater, Zhongshan Culture & Art Center

By Benjamin Beck and Bi Ran

Ticket prices: 80-220 yuan


The Adventures of Tortoise and Hare

Time: 20:00, July 25, 2024 (Thursday)

Venue: Grand Theater, Zhongshan Culture & Art Center

By Lightwire Theater (USA)

Ticket prices: 80-220 yuan


Dance Drama Cavalries

Time: 20:00, July 28, 2024 (Sunday)

Venue: Grand Theater, Zhongshan Culture & Art Center

By Inner Mongolia Art Theatre

Ticket prices: 80-480 yuan


【Live Show】

Bad Kids Club! Tour Zhongshan

Time: 20:00, July 5 (Friday)

Venue: SunLiveSpace

By Bad Kids Club, Caltern, Siri, KillerT, Kevin Gee

Special guests: DirtyChan and YELOW

Ticket prices: 99-188 yuan


You Also Listen to R&B Music Party

Time: 20:00, July 12

Venue: SunLiveSpace

Ticket prices: 98-180 yuan


An Intricate and Crooked Short Poem Tour Zhongshan

Time: 20:00, July 13 (Saturday)

Venue: SunLiveSpace

By Cyclone and Tempest

Ticket prices: 68-120 yuan


Big Dream Tour 2024 Zhongshan by The Black House

Time: 20:00, July 19 (Friday)

Venue: SunLiveSpace

Ticket prices: 100-150 yuan


GBA Fashion Waving 2024 @Zhongshan

Time: 20:00, July 28 (Sunday)

Venue: SunLiveSpace

By The Brownie Band, Power Milk

and Sleepwalkin' Zoo

Ticket price: Free



Excellent Xiangshan "Love for the Greater Bay Area" Art Exhibition

Date: June 28-July 7

Venue: 2F, Zhongshan Cultural Center


Jinling Character, Brand New Life - Chinese Painting Exhibition Zhongshan

by Jiangsu Traditional Chinese Painting Institute

Date: June 20-July 7

Venue: Zhongshan Museum of Art


Stacked, Wrinkled, Flowing - Chinese Lacquer Artworks Exhibition

Time: June 8 to August 11 (Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00-18:00) 

Venue: Tio Gallery 

Ticketing: Purchase on-site, 28 yuan/person


2nd Zhongshan Comprehensive Painting Exhibition

Date: May 1 - August 31

Venue: 4F/5F, Emerald Cove Art Space


Heroes in the Era of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty

Date: May 18 - September 10

Venue: Zhongshan Museum


Idyllic Landscape - Lingnan Traditional Garden Culture Exhibition 

Date: June 11 to September 15 

Venue: 2F, Xiangshan Commercial Culture Museum



Ancient Rhyme of Han Dynasty - Han Culture Experience Activity

Time: 10:00-11:30, July 6-7

Venue: Zhongshan Museum

Puzzle King - World Heritage Jigsaw Puzzle Competition

Time: June 15 to July 21 (3pm to 4pm every Saturday and Sunday) 

Venue: 2F, Xiangshan Commercial Culture Museum


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