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A good harvest for first refined Shenwan Pineapples
Updated: 2021-07-15    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


In 2018, experts from Institute of Fruit Tree Research of the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences cooperated with Shenwan to make Ziyou Farm and one other farm join the first batch of model sites for the production of refined Shenwan Pineapples.

This June embraced a fruitful harvest of the first batch of these refined Shenwan Pineapples in Ziyou Farm after two and a half years of cultivation.


Chen Qianwen, who is in charge of Ziyou Farm, said that these Shenwan Pineapples are sweeter with a richer aroma, and has a crisp texture, which can avoid being damaged during transportation.

Chen has planted the second batch of these pineapples at the beginning of this year. Two and a half years later, he will receive another excellent harvest.

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