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Zhongshan Country Tourism Month starts
Updated: 2017-08-04    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

On the morning of August 2nd, competitions with strong flavors of water towns alternate in Weifeng farm at Minzhong town, marking the beginning of Zhongshan country tourism month. From now on, Zhongshan will take into consideration the policy of global tourism and distinct small towns to plan its country tourism industry.

This year’s country tourism month, whose theme is “Enter Minzhong Water Town, Experience Country Tourism”, is aimed to accelerate the development of Zhongshan’s country tourism industry and build the brand for Zhongshan’s country tourism. Through launching activities, such as touring countryside scenery, tasting countryside delicacies, picking up Lingnan fruits, touring water towns and doing farm work, the charm of Zhongshan’s country tourism can be fully displayed. In addition to the series activities held by the Zhongshan government, tourist agencies also implement preferential policies to enable more tourists to feel the unique charm of Zhongshan’s country tourism. These preferential policies take effect from today to August 31st.

The policy of global tourism with a focus on country tourism was advocated in this year’s Guangdong province’s Party meeting. Since Zhongshan is among the first global tourism demonstration zones in China, the city will promote country tourism through the policy of global tourism and distinct small towns. 

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