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Zhongshan's story included in How to Tell Good Chinese Stories
Updated: 2019-04-23    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

On April 19, the book launching ceremony for How to Tell Good Chinese Stories, sponsored by The Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, was held in Beijing. The article titled A Lotus Flower, 100 Years of Predestined Love, written by the People's Association For Friendship With Foreign Countries of Zhongshan City and, was the only story in Guangdong selected for the book. 

It is introduced that A Lotus Flower, 100 Years of Predestined Love narrates the story of Sun Yat-sen who presented four ancient lotus seeds from Xiangshan County (today's Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province) to Takashi Tanaka, one of his Japanese friends, for appreciating Tanaka's understanding of the revolutionary cause and contributions without expecting any favor in return. The seeds were cultivated into beautiful lotus by Tanaka's descendants and they gradually became symbols of friendship between China and Japan. 

Wu Fei, a Professor of the School of Journalism & Communication, Jinan University, remarked that the "Sun Wen Lotus" was cultivated by the descendants of Tanaka, one of Sun Yat-sen's Japanese friends, and then sent back to China. It enhanced the emotion between two cities and the people of China and Japan. Moreover, the common pursuit of harmony is the goal of the "Sun Wen Lotus". The public opinion foundation in China and Japan determines the overall developmental direction between both countries. The "Sun Wen Lotus" impacts on the collective memories of the people of both countries, and they pursue peace and friendship with history as their guide.

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