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Students appreciate history, culture in ancient villages
Updated: 2019-06-04    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


[Photo/Zhongshan Daily Readers' Club]

The "Walk into Ancient Villages and The Zhongshan Ancient Village Culture Classes", the fourth event of the "Reading in Nanlang" series, kicked off in Zuobu Village, Nanlang Town on June 2. More than 30 pupils, accompanied by their parents, appreciated the natural landscapes and humanity history of the village.

Gan Guanfeng, the author of Walk into Ancient Villages, introduced the cultural history and natural scenery of the Zuobu Village and shared stories about the village to the participants on the same day. They successively visited the village history pavilion, Zhongxing Alley, Fang Cheng's former residence, and Ruan Lingyu's ancestral home.

Since the official launch of the "Reading in Nanlang" campaign, more than 70 public welfare lectures, reading and sharing meetings, book-sharing gatherings and essay competitions have been held by the governmental agencies, schools and villagers' committees in the town. These activities helped promote the in-depth development of all-people reading campaign and maximize the influence of the "Reading in Nanlang".

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