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Zhongshan launches 'Skilled Worker Talk' volunteer activities
Updated: 2021-12-30    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The "Skilled Worker Talk" volunteer activities were launched at Zhongshan Technician College on the afternoon of December 28.

Wang Bing, a national model worker and chief engineer of Yingke Bearing Manufacturing Co Ltd, and Yuan Chao, a provincial technical expert and a teacher at Shaxi Polytechnic School, shared their stories of from life and work.

In a workshop at the Automotive Engineering Department of Zhongshan Technician College, Hai Chunwei, one of the Top 10 Craftsmen in Zhongshan and technical director of Huagang Automobile Service Co Ltd, also gave interactive lectures on automobile repair for students by teaching them professional skills through hands-on lessons.

During the volunteer activities period, a "Zhongshan Craftsman Volunteer Service Team", composed of model workers, "Xiangshan Craftsmen" and winners of the first Zhongshan Vocational Skills Competition, will visit vocational colleges in Zhongshan to give lectures and organize teaching activities for the public. Four activities will be held. Besides Zhongshan Technician College, the volunteer service team will also visit Zhongshan Technical Secondary School, Shaxi Polytechnic School, and Zhongshan Modern Vocational and Technical School.

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