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TCM culture amazes foreign residents in ZS
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A popularization and experiencing activity of traditional Chinese medicine culture was held by Zhongshan Foreign Affairs Bureau and Bokai Community on the morning of August 28 at the Bokai Community Expat Service Center to promote Sino-foreign cultural exchanges and enable more foreign residents to appreciate the charm of TCM culture.

Dr. Zhao Minghua from Zhongshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine was invited to introduce the TCM culture and provide free TCM diagnosis and treatment services to the residents of the community, which also attracted many foreign families.

During the lecture, Dr. Zhao shared the history, theories, techniques and functions of the acupuncture therapy combined with real treatment cases in both Chinese and English so as to give the audience a better understanding of the charming TCM culture and history.

After the lecture, Dr. Zhao also taught the audience the standing exercise. Foreign friends also followed Dr. Zhao's instructions to feel the fun of Qigong (a type of traditional breathing exercise).

During the diagnosis and treatment experiencing session, many foreign residents had TCM therapies, such as acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion and massage, for the first time.

Constantine from Russia has been living in Zhongshan for four years. He said that this was his first time to experience the acupuncture therapy. He confessed that he was "a little scared" at first, but later he felt amazingly comfortable and his neck and shoulders were relaxed.

Kerry, an American who settled in Zhongshan's Kaiyin New Town with his Chinese wife in 2016, chose the cupping therapy. Although it was his first experience, Kerry said that he was not afraid at all. After the treatment, he felt much more comfortable. He thought that traditional Chinese medicine was beneficial for his health, and he hoped to have more similar activities.

The Bokai Community Expat Service Center was established under the guidance of Zhongshan Foreign Affairs Bureau, Zhongshan Public Security Bureau and Torch Development Zone. It aims to provide one-stop comprehensive services for foreign residents of the community and encourage them to integrate into the community life and participate in community services through various theme activities.

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