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Guzhen Lighting Capital Culture Carnival 2022 opens
Updated: 2022-09-13    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


The two-month Guzhen Lighting Capital Culture Carnival 2022 opened at the Guzhen People's Square on September 8.

At the opening ceremony, Lyu Lizhu, deputy director of the Zhongshan Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, unveiled the Guzhen Culture & Tourism Industry Association. "Asia's Flying Man" Su Bingtian and Guzhen town mayor Ruan Zhili jointly unveiled the "Su Bingtian Gymnasium".

At the ceremony, 15 cultural troupes paraded to display the unique folk culture of Guzhen to the audience. The organizer also opened a food mart at the Guzhen People's Square, inviting tourists to taste Guzhen local specialties and shop for handicrafts.

The organizer held 3 evening galas in the Guzhen People's Square from September 9 to 11 with different themes and performances to show Guzhen's achievements in the lighting culture-industry integration.

Wonderful activities also include the 2022 China Guzhen Bonsai Boutique Exhibition, and a patriotism education exhibition to be held in the Dengdu Wetland Park.

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