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2022 Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Cultural Carnival wraps up
Updated: 2022-12-30    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The 2022 Zhongshan Overseas Chinese Cultural Carnival concluded on December 28. This year's event attracted more than 2.2 million overseas Chinese at home and abroad.

The carnival includes six theme activities: a zither concert, an overseas Chinese village tour and interview activity, a mobile phone photo competition, a fashion show, a live-action drama show, and the Online Zhongshan Mid-Autumn Festival Gala 2022 for Overseas Chinese.

With the theme of "Charm of Guangdong" the overseas Chinese village tour and interview activity is Guangdong's first innovation initiative that reveals the stories of cultural promotion and rural revitalization in overseas Chinese villages. It has been included in Zhongshan's five-year plan for invigorating the city through cultural development.

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