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ICH show impresses tourists
Updated: 2023-01-29    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


A show featuring Intangible Cultural Heritage elements in Zhongshan was held at Zhongshan Studio City on January 24. Visitors feasted their eyes on lion dancing, Kylin dancing, dragon dancing and other performances. "It is impressive to spend the Chinese New Year in Zhongshan," said many tourists from other places. 

The show started with Mighty Lions, a high-pole lion dance performance by Longjuhuan Weixin Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe from Shaxi Town. A series of stunts aroused bursts of exclamations and applause.

Then Dragon and Tiger Dance in Celebration of the Chinses New Year by Qiwan Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe from East District, Celebration of the Grand Occasion by Hengdang Deyi Sports Club from Huangpu Town, a dragon dance performance by Shiqi District performers, and a Changzhou Drunken Dragon Dance performance by West District performers were staged in turn.

"Great performances, and it's worth the trip," said Ms Liu, a tourist from Shenzhen. She, who took her children to visit the Museum of Dr Sun Yat-sen, did not expect to come across the enjoyable intangible cultural heritage show.

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