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13-year-old skater boy wins silver medal at 14th National Games
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Chen Ye in the finals on September 11, 2021. [Photo/Xinhua News Agency]

The 14th National Games skateboarding event concluded in Xi'an city, Shaanxi province on September 11. Chen Ye from Zhongshan represented the Guangdong provincial team in the Men's Park Skateboarding event and won the silver medal with 41.40 points.

Skateboarding became an official event for the first time in this year's National Games. Chen Ye, 13, was the youngest player in the finals.

Chen Ye and his father Chen Wanqin, who is a skateboarding coach, returned to Zhongshan on the evening of September 12 and shared his growth story.

Speaking of why he started skateboarding, it can be dated back to 5 years ago. Chen Ye first came to know skateboarding in a shopping mall in 2016, and he was obsessed with it immediately.

To accompany his son to practice skateboarding and participate in competitions, Chen Wanqin quit his job and later opened a skateshop. He even rented an old factory building and built a skatepark for his son's daily training.

Gifted in skateboarding, Chen Ye lived up to his father's expectations. He distinguished himself in major domestic competitions and achieved high results even at a very young age. In 2019, he managed to get accepted onto the Guangdong provincial skateboarding team.

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