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Cultural art design competition, souvenir selection start
Updated: 2023-09-08    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


The 11th Guangdong (Zhongshan) Cultural Art Design Competition and Zhongshan Tourism Souvenir Selection 2023 started on September 6.

The event aims to collect outstanding cultural creative products and characteristic tourism commodities from all sectors of society, starting from now until October 20. Enterprises, organization, and individuals can sign up for the event through the Zhongshan Plus app.

Three types of entries will be collected: Creative culture and tourism products with souvenir attributes, which can also be commercialized and mass-produced; creative urban products with city landmark attributes, which can also demonstrate Zhongshan's history and development; and creative rural products with regional rural, cultural attributes, which can also present agriculture and forestry culture, intangible cultural heritage in rural areas, rural landscape and etc.

The souvenir selection covers 6 categories of items, including tourism specialties (such as Shiqi pigeon and Huangpu preserved meat), tourism crafts, tourism textiles, tourism-related electronic products, and etc.

This event will select 18 award-winning works, in addition to the "Top 10 Distinctive Cultural Creative Products of Zhongshan" and the "Top 10 Tourism Souvenirs of Zhongshan".

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