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Images: Great Shots of the Week (Nov 6 - Nov 12)
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Great Shots of the Week is a weekly photo solicitation event held by Zhongshan Daily to collect photos from the public every week. Top 6 winners will be given prizes and electronic certificates. All residents including expats are welcome to participate and record beautiful moments in Zhongshan every week. Winners of the week (November 6 to November 12) are as follows.


Hello! (First Prize): November 12, during the Guangdong Intangible Cultural Heritage Culture and Art Festival in Zhongshan's Guzhen Town, residents interact with the parade team. (By Liu Minghai)


Scenery of Sanxiang (Second Prize): November 6, the Tanzhou Expressway Qianlong section, shining against the street lamps and sunset glow, encircles Quanyan Village in Sanxiang Town. (By Li Yan)


While Waiting for Treatment (Second Prize): On the evening of November 9, a little girl reads a book by her mother while waiting for treatment at Bo'ai Hospital. (By Zhuo Jianghua)


My Own World (Third Prize): An insect is captured on the side of the Qi'ao Ancient Road, November 11. (By Dong Zhifeng)


ICH Show at Grass-roots Level (Third Prize): On the evening of November 12, a Yingge Dance intangible cultural heritage performance held in Sanxi Village, East District attracts many residents. (By Liu Shijue)


Shadows (Third Prize): November 12, people are captured performing fan dancing in an ancestral hall in Qiaotou Village, Sanxiang Town. (By Gan Zhanhua)

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