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Zhongshan Global Biotech Summit opens
Updated: 2024-06-19    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


The Zhongshan Global Biotech Summit and 5th Zebrafish for Precision Medicine Conference opened in Cuiheng New District on June 17.

This event brought together scholars and experts from around the world, including academicians from China, Canada, Russia and Ukraine, to study the latest advances and future trends in the biomedical field. Top international scientists specializing in the zebrafish area were also invited to deliver lectures at the event.

At the opening ceremony, the sponsors held signing and unveiling ceremonies for the projects of Zebra Pharmaceutical Zhongshan Company, the School of Chinese Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, the international zebrafish medical achievement commercialization platform, the Toronto talent workstation in Cuiheng New District, and the joint laboratory for TCM innovation.

Since its establishment, Cuiheng New District has attracted more than 135 health and pharmaceutical enterprises, covering such areas as macro molecules, small molecules, bulk pharmaceutical chemicals, bio-pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and animal experiments.

From 2024, Cuiheng New District will offer 50 million yuan per year to finance 10 to 20 start-up R&D teams, encouraging innovative drug projects from home and abroad to take root in the district.

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