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25,000 yuan grant to graduates after 2 years' military service
Updated: 2019-07-12    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

Zhongshan has further increased the subsidy to graduates who enlist for military service this year. After 2 years of service, graduates with a master's (or doctor's) degree will be eligible for a subsidy of 30,000 yuan. Graduates with a bachelor degree will be subsidized 25,000 yuan, and graduates with a junior college degree 20,000 yuan.

These subsidies will be issued in lump sums to the accounts of graduates or their families by the Zhongshan Veterans Affairs Bureau.

According to the incentive policy of military enrollment in Zhongshan, post-service graduates are also able to enjoy privileges regarding their recruitment in civil service and public institutions, target recruitment of state-owned enterprises, and other top-up programs. What's more, they can retain their names on the school roll, enjoy self-employed financial aids, have a household registration in Zhongshan, etc.

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