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Zhongshan adds 840 public kindergarten openings
Updated: 2019-09-27    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

As of the beginning of September, Zhongshan has added a total of 840 public kindergarten openings in this year alone, according to the Zhongshan Education and Sports Bureau. 

In the new semester, there are two newly-built public kindergartens in Zhongshan, including the Guinan Kindergarten in Guinan Village of Wuguishan District and the Pangtou Kindergarten in Shaxi Town. 

In addition, the Zhongshan Third Organ Kindergarten moved into the new site. This facility now features 5 more classes and 175 more openings than before. 

At present, new public kindergartens in many towns and districts of Zhongshan are under construction. These new projects are popping up in South District, West District, Shaxi Town, Henglan Town, Banfu Town, Gangkou Town, East District, Xiaolan Town and Torch Development Zone. 

According to the relevant requirements, newly-added kindergartens are now serving Zhongshan children in government-owned communities where they have all been set up as public kindergartens. In the next few years, a number of new kindergartens will be operational in Zhongshan government-owned communities, which will further increase the already large number of high-quality and universally beneficial public kindergarten openings.

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