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Tanzhou's first enterprise skilled talent service station inaugurated
Updated: 2020-05-18    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

On the morning of May 12, Zhongshan Service Station for Enterprise Skilled Talent (Hongyun Station) was successfully established. It is the first service station for enterprise skilled talent in Tanzhou Town. Its establishment marks the official start of the implementation of the new apprenticeship system in Tanzhou enterprises.

According to the agreement, after the establishment of Hongyun Station, Zhongshan Hongyun Automobile Maintenance Co Ltd will invest 1 million yuan of capital and offer training places, equipment and management, and Zhongshan Technician College will provide training curriculum and teachers to help the enterprise build a standardized and complete personnel training system. Zhongshan Technician College will send teachers to the enterprise from time to time to give lectures and training; Hongyun Automobile Maintenance will, in return, provide internship opportunities for students majoring in auto repair for Zhongshan Technician College.

Next, Tanzhou Association of Industry and Commerce (Tanzhou Chamber of Commerce) will vigorously promote the new apprenticeship system for enterprises, continue to guide its member enterprises to cooperate with Zhongshan Technician College, help more member enterprises to set up skilled personnel service stations, and train more suitable skilled personnel that meet the needs of Tanzhou Town's enterprises and industrial development.

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