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New semester, new schools, new styles
Updated: 2021-09-03    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


Over 600,000 kindergarten, primary, and secondary school students in Zhongshan embraced the new semester on September 1.

At each schools' opening ceremony, principals made speeches on the centennial of the Communist Party of China and its history to encourage students to build a solid foundation for their lives based on faith and confidence.

In the evening, teachers and students of primary and secondary schools watched the special TV program "The First Lesson of the New Semester" with the theme of "Dreams Lighting up the Way to the Future".

This year, eight new primary and secondary schools were put into use in Zhongshan.

In addition, this autumn semester is also the first semester introducing the nationwide "double reduction" policy (which aims to relieve students of the burden of excessive homework and reduce the need for after-school tutoring). Some parents said that this policy reduces the burden of homework on children as well as the burden of tutoring on parents.

Some teachers promise to strictly implement the "double reduction" policy and improve the efficiency of the 40-minute classes to reduce the burden on students and guarantee the quality of their study.

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